Services We Offer:

In addition to routine vaccinations, general medicine & surgery, and dentistry, we offer several specific services to foster the lifelong care of your pet.  Please click the links below to learn more about each service:


Pet-Parent Online Resources:


How are heartworms transmitted? Can my cat, who lives strictly indoors, really get fleas? What intestinal parasites are most common in my area? Find these answers and more at, an interactive and informative website maintained by the Companion Animal Parasite Council.




The Veterinary Oral Health Council is an organization dedicated to education and prevention of canine and feline oral disease. Dental care products awarded with the VOHC seal of approval can be trusted to reduce the severity of dental disease, when used as recommended.

Veterinary Oral Health Council (



A microchip serves as a permanent form of identification for your pet. Should your pet’s collar break or his tag fall off, his chip is always there to help him get back home as soon as possible. Microchipping truly saves lives!

We use AKC Reunite microchips. For more information, please visit


AAHA Microchip Lookup

Does your pet already have a microchip but you can’t remember the registration information? The American Animal Hospital Association maintains an online database of registered microchips. Search by microchip number to find the manufacturer’s contact information.  (


Zoonotic Diseases

Unfortunately, there are infectious diseases that people can get from their pets -- these are called "zoonotic diseases." It is important for pet owners to be familiar with which diseases their pets CAN and CANNOT transmit to humans. This is particularly important to consider when there are young children, the elderly, or immune compromised individuals within the household. If your pet is diagnosed with an infectious, zoonotic disease, we will do everything we can to help you understand the risks involved and suggest precautions you can take. For the most complete information about your specific health risks associated with pet ownership and zoonotic disease, speak with your physician. Another great resource is the Center for Disease Control's searchable online database: (


For Cat Owners

Cats deserve regular health care. Unfortunately, visiting the vet’s office is often a stressful experience, for both cats and their owners. The following brochure explains how a Cat Friendly Practice® can benefit you and your cat and make vet visits more pleasant for everyone.

Brochure: Why You and Your Cat Deserve a Cat Friendly Practice (


Transportation to and from veterinary visits is often just as frightening for cats as the visit itself. The following brochure provides tips on using pet carriers and other gentle handling techniques to help you give your cat a smoother ride.

Brochure: Getting Your Cat to the Veterinarian (

                *If transportation is still too stressful for your cat, consider scheduling a house call


For more brochures on feline care topics, please visit the American Association of Feline Practitioners’ cat owner resource list (

Topics include:

·         Alternatives to Declawing

·         Feline House-Soiling

·         Your Cat's Environmental Needs

·         Vaccinations for Your Cat

·         Nursing Care for Your Cat

·         Friends for Life: Caring for Your Older Cat