Hospice care is a relatively new service in the veterinary industry. Euthanasia has always been a part of veterinary practice, but we’ve only recently started talking about the time in between a terminal diagnosis and deciding when it’s time to say goodbye. People often feel rushed into making a final decision at the time of diagnosis; for many pets, we can develop a manageable treatment plan to control pain and discomfort and provide a quality, happy life prior to euthanasia. Whether that happy life lasts for days, weeks, or months, we will make a plan that fits your wishes and your pet’s best interest.



Our hospice service includes:

o   Weekly follow up: whether you would prefer a weekly home visit, in-clinic visit, or simply a weekly phone call, we can choose a plan that works best for you and your pet.

o   Euthanasia counseling: we will help you plan for the final goodbye – when to know it’s time, what to expect, and location (at home vs. in clinic). For those families that do not believe in euthanasia, we can assist in a pain-free natural passing and guide you through what to expect as the time draws near.