Pet Insurance

To help with the costs of services, we recommend looking into pet insurance.  We specifically recommend Pets Best Pet Insurance, as they offer great coverage and our hospital receives and exclusive 5% discount.  We have detailed some of the main information below but please click the link to learn more.

Pets Best (5% Discount)

  • Reimbursement Amount: 70 – 100% of Vet Bill

  • Deductible: $0 - $1000/year

  • Monthly Cost: $5 - $90

  • Age Limit: More than 7 Weeks

  • Waiting Period: 3 days after policy for accidents, 14 days after for illness

  • Not Covered: Pre-Existing Conditions

  • Wellness Care Covered: Yes, with purchase of wellness coverage

  • Alternative/Holistic: Yes

  • Dental:

    • Routine: Covered Under Certain Plans

    • Accident/Illness: Covered



We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards as well as Care Credit.

Additionally, we offer a financing option through VCP; please read below to learn more about it.

H3 Wellness Plus Card

  • The H3 Wellness Card, allows you to pay for products and services at the time of your appointment, offering promotional and extended payment plans to fit your budget.

Disclaimer: The above payment options require a credit check and we reserve the right to deny financing based on the results of that check.