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Assessing quality of life is perhaps the most important and challenging part of caring for an aging or terminally ill pet. To make matters more difficult, a pet’s quality of life can change rapidly, sometimes weekly or even daily. As a pet parent, recognizing when current therapies are no longer adequate can be extremely stressful. As your hospice provider, we will help you judge your pet’s condition and educate you on signs to watch for as disease progresses.

Below are some helpful quality of life assessment resources:

·         How Do I Know When It’s Time? (Ohio State University)

·         Pet Quality of Life Scale: (HHHHHMM Scale by Dr. Alice Villalobos)

·         Pet Hospice Journal – Quality of Life Scale and Daily Diary (Lap of Love)

·         Canine Acute Pain Scale (Colorado State University)

·         Feline Acute Pain Scale (Colorado State University)